Why Do Podcasters Wear Headphones?

You must be wondering why do podcasters wear headphones? Isn’t this the reason that takes you to this site? Many people wonder about the podcasters wearing headphones but did not try to ask anyone. There is totally a misconception about the podcasters wearing headphones that they want to show off.

If you are one of those people who do not know about podcasting and the podcasters wearing headphones, then you are surely at the right place. Here you will learn different reasons that will clearly take away your myths about the podcasters.

Why Do Podcasters Wear Headphones?

Is it Necessary Wearing Headphones During Podcasting?

Wearing headphones during podcasting offers you many advantages such as you can improve the audio quality and controlling ambient noise from the background. Podcasters wear headphones because they maintain the sound quality of the podcast.

To observe the audio and provide excellent sound quality, they will need to monitor the flaws in the sound that will not be noticeable without wearing podcasting headphones. That’s why wearing studio headphones is the best way for audio monitoring.

How Can We Wear Podcasting Headphones Correctly?

It is best to wear headphones gently and not too loudly because they may damage your hearing over time. You may also suffer some sound quality effects if you do not wear audio headphones correctly.

When you wear headphones, it will help you to eliminate the ambient noise coming from the background. It may also reduce the sudden responses occurring during online recording.

6 Main Reasons to Wear Headphones

Nothing is useless when we talk about streaming. The same goes for podcasting headphones. Many people do not understand why do podcasters wear headphones. There is a purpose that helps the podcasters to get the best audio quality in the final audio production.

Here we have described several reasons due to this podcasters wear headphones. Let’s take a look at these reasons given below:

  1. Prevent Echo
  2. Monitor audio quality
  3. Prevent sound bleed
  4. Structured editing process
  5. Post-production editing stage
  6. Managing mic placement

1. Prevent Echo

You must have noticed while talking to someone using software such as Skype or Viber, your sound reflects back. You hear the echo during the conversation which makes your call boring and dull.

To prevent this situation during recording interviews in the podcasting, podcasters wear headphones. If they do not use the headphones, they may also get the echo through the computer speakers because the PC speakers microphone picks every sound coming and send it back through the software to the guest.

2. Monitor Audio Quality

Podcasters always try to get good audio quality because it will engage the audience quickly. The only way to observe this thing is to make sure to monitor the audio level during the recording setup.

By using the best headphones for podcasting, you may be able to get great quality podcast sounds. If you use low production quality headphones, you will not get good sound quality and even your podcast listeners may not attract to you anymore.

3. Prevent Sound Bleed

If you do not use good pair of headphones during podcasting, it may result in bleeding. Sound bleeding is a term that occurs when you are interviewing multiple guests and their sounds are recorded to each other participant’s track through their speakers.

The bleeding of voice may not be a pleasant idea and consequently, this will lower the production value. That’s why it is very important to use a good pair of headphones during podcasting.

4. Structured Editing Process

For a professional podcast, using headphones plays an important role in editing purposes. If you use good pair of podcasting headphones, then it will be very good for you to edit the recording.

All you have is to listen to the audio in the recording stage. You will need to take care of the unwanted sound even if it is a breeze because sometimes it may also produce an unpleasant sound while recording a podcast.

That’s why it is better to deeply take a look during the recording which is only possible by using headphones. After the recording, it is impossible to fix things later. The only solution will be to re-record the podcast.

5. Manage Mic Placement

When you interview a person then there will be a total of two people who take participate in the podcasting. It is very easy to place the mic in this situation. But if there is more than one guest, then it may be troublesome to adjust and manage mic placement.

That’s why using headphones will be the best solution for this situation. As you know headphones have a built-in microphone that helps the user to convey his message easily.

6. Post-Production Editing Stage

If you are satisfied with your editing and now you are ready to provide your podcasting material to your audience, then there are so many chances that all your users may not use headphones.

Many of them may be listening to the podcast through different devices such as speakers of cars or other devices. Moreover, the listeners will enjoy the enhanced sound quality. That’s why headphones have a great value for recording podcasts for long periods.

Which headphones are best for podcasts?

Headphones with an external microphone are considered to be the best headphones for podcasting. Here we have provided you with the best headphones for recording a podcast.

  1. Sony MDR7506
  2. Audio Technica ATH-m20x
  3. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

1. Sony MDR7506

If you are planning to buy the best headphones for podcasting, then you might want to consider Sony MDR7506 headphones after getting to know their features. It is a great choice and has excellent build quality. These closed-back headphones offer you a good noise cancellation effect for your podcast.

2. Audio Technica ATH-m20x

It is a budget-friendly podcast headphone that can be easily afforded by most podcasters. The microphone in this audio monitoring headphone will definitely take you to another level of podcasting. Moreover, you will love to listening music in these closed-back headphones.

3. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

These are also one of the best mid-range headphones for podcasting. You will hear your voice by speaking in the microphone. These headphones are also quite comfortable for the ears when you listen to music or your voice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people on podcasts use headphones?

To get a good hearing experience on podcasts, people use headphones. In this way, you will hear their voice clearly.

Are headphones necessary for podcasting?

To make a better podcast, it is very necessary to use headphones because the microphone speakers will not produce any unpleasant sound. This allows hearing the audio of the podcast even in the speakers clearly.

Are wireless headphones can be used for podcasting?

Yes, you can use wireless headphones for podcasting. All you need is to connect your headphones with your PC and select Audio from headphones.


This was all about using podcasting headphones. Many podcasters prefer wearing headphones for happy podcasting to get the natural flow of the podcast. The sensitive microphone technique in headphones prevents excessive noise in your own podcast.

So what do you think about why do podcasters wear headphones? I’m sure after reading this complete guide, you have got the answer to this query. Let us share your feedback about this topic in the comment section.


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