How To Wear Headphones With Long Hair?

This article is about how to wear headphones with long hair. There are a lot of people with long hair who complain of having a difficult time wearing headphones and ending up having creases across the hair caused by headphones hair. It may also spoil your looks.

If you have long hair, then you must need to do some creativity with your hairstyle so that you can easily wear a headset without spoiling the actual hairstyle. In this article, we will share some practical tips with you which can help you not end up with damaged hair.

How To Wear Headphones With Long Hair

11 Tips to Wear Headphones with Long Hair to Look Good

If you have lengthy hair then it must be difficult for you to wear headphones all day. It has different negative results also on hair. So, if you do not want to change your hairstyle and still want to use headsets without spoiling your current hairstyle, it is best for you to read this guide to know how to wear headphones with long hair.

Here we have provided you with some tips. By following these technical tips, you can easily wear your headphones hair confidently and take them out and still look great.

  1. Make a bun when you wear headphones
  2. Use a cap when wearing headphones with long hair
  3. Wear your headphone band at the back of your head or on your neck
  4. Use a product when you use headphones
  5. Lose your headset so it may not tightly press your hair
  6. Consider using lightweight headphones
  7. Make bread for women and a bun for men
  8. Make a Ponytail hairstyle or grow your hair longer
  9. Use a good quality hairdryer
  10. Keep using a hairbrush before using earbuds
  11. Short your hair or become bald

1. Make a Bun When You Wear Headphones

Making a bun of your long hair can make your head can keep the area clean and sleek for the headphones. With this hairstyle, you can easily put on or off your headphones. To look greater, you can use a spray bottle to spray your hair but make sure to dry your hair before putting headphones on.

2. Use a Cap or Knit Hat to Wear Headphones

You can use a snug cap if you have long hair. It will prevent headphone hair dent and you will feel like an artist. You can easily find a knit hat or a ball cap. By using this tip, you will not need to adjust your hairstyle when taking off your headphone.

3. Wear Headphones At The Back Of the Neck

Band resting of your headphone at the back of your neck can be a good choice for people who have long hair. Many people who have long hair use this tip because it can prevent headphones out of their hair. You can give try this style to avoid headphone hair problems.

4. Use a Product Before Wearing Headphones

You can use hair products, water, or a mist bottle to make wet hair and turn your greasy hair into good hair. Use bobby pins before wearing headphones with long hair. You can apply gel or spray water to avoid headphones to avoid tangling your hair with headphones. This tip can be good for your dented hair.

5. Lose Your Headphone Band

You can easily wear a headset with long hair by loosening the headband of your headphones. An adjustable headband does not put weight evenly and does not mess with your head. This option is best when you want to rest and sit at a place.

6. Use Lightweight Headphones

If you are reading this guide and did not even purchase headphones, then it is recommended to use headphones that are lightweight with long hair. These are comfortable headphones and may put very less strain on your ear canal and head. Make sure these headphones’ hair provides good sound quality.

7. Make a French Braid or Bun

If you are a girl with long hair then you can consider a French braid. It is one of the best styles for working out because it makes your hair tidy. But if you are a man you can make a bun of your hair. Make sure that you place the bun where your headset won’t get in the way. You can also consider using some hair products that can help your hair follicles grow well.

8. Grow Your Hair Longer

If you are a man then you should grow your hair more because it can make your hair more resilient to headphone hair than short hair. The reason is that short hair flattened more easily.

9. Use Good Hair Dryer

Use a good quality hair dryer to make your hair beautiful and avoid permanent hair loss and stop hair growth problems. You can make different styles if you use a good dryer because your hair knows in which direction you want them to go. You can do a ponytail with your hair as long as your headphones won’t get in the way of the elastic area.

10. Keep Using Brush For Headphone Hair

If your hair comes in the way of your headset and they are rough, you can comb your hair by using a brush. Use dry shampoo in small partitions and set your mess headphone hair after wetting with a comb.

11. Short Your Hair or Become Bald

If you do not like your big hair and can easily cut them then you should cut them short or go completely bald. In this way, you will not have to perform any of the above economical methods. You will not face any kind of problem when putting a headset on your head.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I look good with headphones?

You can look good with headphones if you make changes to your hair. You can tight ponytail your hair. If you do not like it then you can go with the side ponytail.

How can I wear my headphones without ruining my hair?

You can easily use the headset without ruining your hair if you put the headphone band either at the back of your head.

Do headphones cause hair thinning?

If you use headphones and cross the safe limit of usage, you can loss your hair. When you use a headset so tight, the headband may pull your hair from the roots.

How do you wear headphones with long hair and glasses?

You can use a headband with long hair and glasses if you choose an over-ear headset or earphones. Also, use glasses with thinner frames.

Can headphones stop hair growth?

Using too many headsets can stop the growth of your hair. When the hair headphone’s hair experiences a large amount of friction it can affect your hair.

Can you wear headphones with wet hair?

No, you should not wear regular headset or earbuds with wet hair. Headphones are electrical and they lack waterproofing. If they contact with water, there may be a short circuit which makes the headphones unusable.

Does using headphones makes our hair greasy?

The simple answer is No. Using a headset does not make your hair greasy. Your hair becomes greasy because of your natural oil or sebum which is produced by sebaceous glands.


This article was about how to wear headphones with long hair. Headphones stop the growth of hair and all your hair is damaged because of this. I hope after reading the complete article you must have learned the ways how to wear headphones with long hair. Now you can wear a headset comfortably.

What do you think about wearing earbuds or a headset with long hair? Was this article helpful for you in case you have long hair? Let us know your thoughts about headphones hair in the comment section below.


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