How to Turn Off Bose 700 Headphones?

This article is about how to turn off bose 700 headphones. Bose headphones are one of the top brands today due to their various products. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this brand is their noise-cancelling headphones especially bose 700 headphones that provide good audio quality.

If you have bose 700 headphones then you are lucky to listen to your favorite music with sonic details and enjoyment. These headphones provide you with the best sound quality to enjoy your listening experience.

But sometimes we do not remember to turn off bose 700 headphones while listening to music. This article is surely for those people who do not know to turn off their bose 700 headphones. By reading this complete guide you will be able to learn about turning off bose 700 headphones. Keep engaged with us till the end of the article.

How to Turn Off Bose 700 Headphones?

How to Turn Off Bose 700 Headphones in a Simple Way?

Simply press the power button of your headphones and then release them. In this way, your bose 700 headphones will be manually turned off with a double click of the power button. Moreover, there is another amazing feature in this headphone that will never let your headphone’s battery drain.

The automatic shut-off feature in bose 700 headphones enables your headphones to shut off after 10 minutes of no usage. It has a built-in motion detecting system that turns off your bose 700 noise-cancelling headphones. Isn’t this great to use these bose 700 headphones for a great listening experience with touch controls?

How to turn off bose 700 using voice commands?

There is a google assistant control that helps you to allow voice commands. This google assistant named Alexa plays an important role in different voice commands such as playing or pausing music, getting directions, picking up calls, and even turning off the ANC of your headphones.

You only need to command the google assistant to turn your bose 700 headphones off. Now if you do not want to use these noise cancellation headphones that come with great sound quality, you can simply turn your bose 700 headphones off with a voice command. So you will not need to use touch controls.

How Does Motion Detector Work in Bose 700 Headphones?

Motion detecting is a system in your bose 700 headphones that detect the motion of your device. When you are not using your headphones and they are in the rest position, the motion detector sensor recognizes whether you have put your headphones at the table, counter, or desk.

After sensing the location, it will start counting the time for 10 minutes. If you use your bose 700 headphones within 10 minutes then it will stop otherwise your headphones will be turned off automatically. This feature is great and prevents your battery life from getting drained.

Why Do My Bose 700 Headphones Not Turn Off?

If you are not using your headphones then still it may not be turned off. The reason is quite simple. If you are also one of those people who love to wear headphones while traveling, then there are more chances there your motion detector may not turn your headphones off.

In traveling, you may not find a peaceful place to rest your headphones without any movement. In this way, your headphones will be moving along with you and the detector will sense the movement and prevent your bose 700 headphones from getting shut off.

How Do You Use Bose Music App in Bose 700 Headphones?

Bose app is used to control the headset that you have connected with your Bluetooth devices. You can connect bose bluetooth headphones and control your bose 700 headsets by using this application.

You will need to go to the Settings of your bose music. There you will find a power option. Select the Auto-Off option to turn off the music and your headphones. You can also make adjustments in volume to hear sounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do bose 700 headphones automatically turn off?

The motion detecting feature in bose 700 noise cancelling headphones will automatically turn off the headphones if it does not sense any movement. The headphones will be turned off after 10 minutes of no usage. So if you forget to power off your headphones, you do not need to get worried anymore.

How do I force my bose headphones to turn off?

Keep pressing and holding the power button of your bose noise cancelling headphones. Plug the charging cable at the right ear cap. The indicator will blink two times. You can reset bose headphones by turning them off forcefully.

Do Bose 700 Headphones have a mute button?

If you are on a call, you can use the voice assistant button on your bose 700 headphones that just works like a mute button. You can use this button to mute all internet calls like Zoom, Teams, and others.


This was all about how your bose 700 headphones can be turned off. If you have made a connection of your noise cancelling headphones with the mobile device and now you are not using them but they are in standby mode then do not get worried about your battery life draining.

The bose 700 headphones provide you with great audio bass and sound quality to take your listening experience to another level with sonic details. These bluetooth headphones support Alexa and google assistant which allows you to voice commands. In my opinion, all these features make this headphone the best at this moment.

There is a motion-detecting system in your noise cancellation headphones that able your bose noise cancelling headphones to turn off. If you forget to press the power button off on your right earcup, you can still use a voice command or motion-detecting features to turn them off.

So what do you think about this article? Have you turned off the power button of your bose 700 headphones by using the mentioned ways? Let us share your experience in the comment section.


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