How To Reset Bose Headphones – Simple Steps

This article is about how to reset bose headphones. If you have bought bose headphones and now suffering some kind of problem but don’t know how to fix it, then we can say you are at the right place.

All the pairing problems such as sound issues, poor connection, or other minor issues have almost one common solution which is resetting. If you do not know how to reset your bose headset, then read this complete article. I’m sure after reading this article, you will be able to reboot your bose headphones.

How To Reset Bose Headphones

How Do I Reset Bose Headphones?

If you reset your bose headphones, it will reboot all your product settings and return them to their original out of box. If you have bought bose QuietComfort headphones, they will cost you a lot. Instead of purchasing new pair of bose wireless headphones, you should reboot your bose headphones.

In this regard, you can apply soft reset and hard reset to your headphones. In soft reset, your default settings will not be affected. In case soft resetting does not help you, you might need to do hard resetting which help you to modify all your previous modifications in your headphone.

How to Reset Bose Headphones By Using Soft Reset Method?

By using soft reset, you will have the possibility to apply two ways. In the soft method, you can turn Off your wireless headphones and disconnect the cables. To apply soft reset on your noise cancelling headphones, you will need to have a USB cable and remove all the cables from your wireless headphone. You can start the process if you have the cable.

1. By Turning Off Headphones

You can use this method if you want to restart your bose headphones. As we mentioned, in the soft reboot, your wireless device list will remain the same. This reboot process will not affect your product settings.

Step 1: To apply this method, you will need to turn your headphones ON.

Step 2: Press and hold the power button to do this.

Step 3: Now it’s time to Off them and waits for 30 seconds.

Note: In other bands, you will need to press the power button multiple times. But in these noise cancelling headphones, you can activate the power button with a single click.

Step 4: After holding the power button of your bose noise cancelling headphones, you may put your headphones into pairing mode.

Step 5: Now connect your headphones to a wall outlet with the help of a USB charger. You can use your USB charging cable as well.

Step 6: It’s time to unplug the USB cable and then wait for almost one minute.

After doing all the mentioned steps, you can finally use your bose headphones.

Note: Kindly confirm that you are not in a meeting during the plugging of the USB link button. If you are, then immediately cancel it otherwise the bose USB link will not respond if you want to avoid interrupting the meeting.

2. By Disconnecting the USB Cable

If the above method does not seems to work, you can apply this method for soft resetting. This method will also not affect your device’s BlueTooth list. In simple words, your headphone pairing list will remain the same.

Step 1: To apply this method, you will need to connect the bigger end of bose USB link to the running computer’s USB port.

Step 2: Attach the smaller end of your USB cable to the right earcup of your headphones.

Step 3: After plugging the USB cable with your ear cup, you will need to press and hold the power button on your bluetooth device till you see the LED bluetooth light flashing.

Step 4: In the end, wait for 2 seconds and then you can release the power button.

How to Reset Bose Headphones By Using Hard Reset Method?

If you still having issues with streaming performance, you can hard reset your bose headphones. With the help of hard resetting your bose headphones, you will find your product to its original state. This method supports factory default settings reboot. As you know, a factory reset can reboot your bose products, that’s why it is preferred by many people.

Factory Reset Bluetooth Device List

A factory reset is used to delete the network services and audio system resources to factory defaults. You can reboot your factory settings if you connect your headphones with a mobile device or a computer as a power source and the sound quality is not good.

Step 1: First of all, you will need to press and hold the volume button and AUX button for 10 seconds at the same time.

Step 2: Now open bose music player and follow the instruction given on it.

Step 3: In this way, you will factory reset bluetooth headphones which will delete all the previous settings and the bluetooth list of your bose products.

Note: Bose is an American brand that’s why it is advisable to contact the America support site for any kind of guidance. If you need local support you can ask for help with the local site.

How to Reset Bose 700 Headphones?

Resetting bose 700 headphones is not a difficult task. You have two methods soft and hard methods which you can follow to solve your connecting issues. All you need to do is to have a USB cable which you will need to plug with the computer in soft method and follow the above-mentioned way which we have described above.

In hard resetting, you will have to factory reset your bluetooth headphone by pressing the power button. After some time, your bluetooth device will reboot when you see the LED lights blinking and turned off from the bluetooth icon of your headset.

Reasons To Reset Bose Headphones

There are many reasons why you should reboot your bose headset. Sometimes, when you face troubleshooting or you can not connect two devices. Resetting provides you with the free return state of your headphones. That’s why it is best to know the exact situations where you badly need to reset your bluetooth devices.

  1. If your headphone does not connect with your computer or laptop device.
  2. Your smartphone is undetectable by your bluetooth headphones.
  3. If you are unable to pair more than one device.
  4. Your bluetooth headset keeps disconnecting.
  5. When the audio is delayed.
  6. When you hear a lot of static noise.

The above-mentioned problems are not related to hardware. So, if you face any of the above problems, you should use the hard method to overcome the problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my bose headphones to factory reset?

If you want to reboot your headphones to factory reset, you will need to un-plug the USB link and then replug your charging wire to the computer.

How do I reset my bose soundsport bluetooth headphones?

Plug your charging cable with your headset and a power outlet then wait for 5 seconds. Now disconnect your charging wire and wait for almost 1 minute. After this, you can use your bluetooth headphones normally.

How do I clear my bose pairing list?

You will need to keep pressing and holding the power button of your bluetooth gadget for 10 seconds till you hear “Bluetooth List Cleared”. Remove your device or clear the pairing list.


This was all about resetting bose headset. You can easily follow the given guide if you are facing some kind of connecting problems in your bose headphones. Also, contact the support for any query. So what do you think of this reset process? Was this article helpful? If yes, then share your thoughts on resetting your bose bluetoth device.


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