How to Make Headphones Louder

Want to listen to music on your headphones or play video games at a louder volume? Sometimes, headphones may get corrupted or have a bad sound quality and you want them to produce louder sound so that you can enjoy listening to music. But if you do not know how to do it then do not worry. Here you will learn how to make headphones louder on different devices.

In this article, we have covered almost everything that you just need to know when you want to make your headphone louder. So keep reading it and learn about the ways to make your wireless headphones sound volume louder.

How to Make Headphones Louder

How to Make Your HeadPhones Louder in 8 Different Ways?

There are different ways to make your headphones or earbuds louder. After using your headphones for some time, your headphones may get into some kind of problem. That problem can cause your headphones to quiet.

There are 8 different ways following them you will learn how to make your headphone louder:

  1. Removing the volume limit on your headphones
  2. Adjust The Headphones Volume
  3. Cleaning Your Headphones
  4. Try a headphone amplifier
  5. Get a Volume Increasing App or Adjust The EQ Settings
  6. Enhance Volume Through The Volume Mixer
  7. Get a Better Pair of Headphones
  8. Connect to Bluetooth

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Removing the Volume Limit on Your HeadPhones

Removing the volume limit on your headphones can make your headphone louder. The US law has set the maximum volume limit on MP3 players and smartphones to 120 decibels while Asian countries have 85 decibels. But you can increase the volume limit on your phone up to 100 decibels if you are living in Europe.

This can be done if you ignore the pop-up of the sound warning bar when you maximize the volume on your phone. To not get confused, we have provided you with some of the best volume boosting apps depending on your operating system.

  • Android Device: Volume Booster Sound Equalizer – By MixIT Studio, Volume Booster Pro, Dub Music Player – Audio Player & Music Equalizer, etc.
  • IOS: Equalizer Pro Volume Booster, Equalizer + (Music Player Volume Quality Booster), SonicMax Pro Music Volume Booster, etc
  • Windows: DFX Sound Enhancer, Equalizer Pro, Breakaway Audio Enhancer, etc.

Note: Removing volume limits may cause you some hearing problems. So adjust your sound settings so that you’re in-ear headphone volume will not be maximized.

Adjust The HeadPhones Volume

Some headphones come with specific settings. It may be possible that your headphones are set up as low volume by default. In this way, you can adjust the headphone’s volume by pressing the buttons.

It is recommended to check the user guide of your headphones if you do not know the position of the buttons. After moving buttons you will note some changes in your headphone’s sound volume. In this way, you can also modify the volume limits of your headphones.

Cleaning Your HeadPhones

In most cases, if you do not clean the headphones they will not produce the boosted sounds. Sometimes cleaning your headphones can cause your headphones to be in their original state.

Therefore, I recommend you clean your headphones once in a while so that there will be no dust, wax, or oil build-up on your ear tips.

 Remove and clean the ear tips

You will need to clean your ear tips in warm soapy water for about 5 minutes and clean the inner part of your ear tips with the help of cotton or a soft cloth to remove the wax that may have accumulated.

Clean the earbuds

Try using a dry toothbrush gently and hold the headphones mesh facing downwards. Make sure to use a dry cloth after cleaning them so that they can be dry quickly.

Try a Headphone Amplifier

It is fair to say that headphones, in essence, are just speakers. Practically all speakers require an amplifier. For home speakers, you can improve the sound with the best subwoofer. Similarly, headphones can also improve the sound when paired with an external headphone amp.

In fact, the power of the headphone amp inside the mobile device may not be enough to provide the full effect of the headphones. By using an external headphone amplifier, you will make the headphones sound louder. In particular, you will be amazed at the deep details of the music, the improved dynamic range as well as the increasing clarity that you will hear.

From the dimensions and shape of your headphones, you will know if you can use a headphone amplifier. In general, as with most headphones and earphones, you are unlikely to benefit from a headphone amplifier. However, if you use large over-ear headphones, you will get in-depth music detail when combined with an amplifier.

Get a Volume Increasing App or Adjust EQ Settings

If you’ve tried all of the above, and nothing worked to increase volume then there is another thing. Download the best Volume booster apps from the Play Store. There you will find different volume boosting apps for different devices. The apps also keep getting better over time so check out the best app by scanning ratings and reviews.

Examples of these volume boosting apps include Volume Booster Pro for Android, Equalizer Pro Volume Booster for iPhone, and Equalizer Pro for Windows. Sometimes it can be the EQ settings configuration on the manufacturer’s side that is causing the headphones to not work properly. Play with volume booster sound equalizer and see if anything changes.

Enhance Volume Through The Volume Mixer

The volume of your device may be reaching its maximum, but the volume is too small for that particular program or application. Go to Settings and make sure that the volume mixer of the specific app you are using is set to maximum.

To make sure you hear the right sound, adjust the volume while listening as loud noise can be dangerous to your ears. This is more likely to happen when using a laptop or other computer.

Connect to Bluetooth

Connecting to the speaker via Bluetooth will save you from many problems. You don’t need a code to do that and moreover, bluetooth speakers are pretty cheap.

Once connected to the speaker, you can adjust the volume to your liking. Get a portable speaker if you need to move while listening. The best part about listening with a headset is that, unlike headphones, there’s less exposure to your ears.

Buy a New Headphone

If you have tried all of the above ways and are still not satisfied, now is the time to buy a new pair of headphones to get sufficient sound. Believe me, it is like buying another electronic product.

This means that you may encounter a lot of misinformation and if you are not careful, you may get ripped off. There are thousands of headphone models from different brands on the market, and finding the headphones you like can be more difficult than you think.

In addition to producing a good sound, a good headphone should have many features such as Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in microphone, and noise isolation. Buying quality audio devices such as headphones can be expensive, right? However, if you choose the right thing, it will be worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make bluetooth headphones louder?

You can open Settings and choose how limited the volume will be. You can easily turn off the volume limiter and use the slider to set how much volume you want to give your bluetooth device. Once the system volume is set, you can resume using the normal volume slider to adjust your volume.

What makes headphones loud?

If you use your headphones/earphones a lot; In every scenario, there is a possibility that it produces dust, lint, and earwax that prevents sound production. If this is the only case, you likely have too little; Just clean your headphones and it will make your sound output louder.

Why is one side of my headphones louder than the other?

One of the main reasons for headphones is loud noises in one ear which are often wired. Many people fold wires incorrectly and this can lead to power outages and other problems. If the headphones become tangled, unplug them first. Once done, carefully inspect the wire for any cracks or tears.

Does volume boosting apps really work?

Volume booster apps for android will work even if you are using your earphone. All existing functions will function identically when using the phone’s speakers. Increasing your device’s audio output may damage your headphones, speakers, or hearing. These different apps can make your headphones louder.

How to fix the buzzing sound in headphones only when gaming?

Incorrect sound settings can cause problems. You should check it and make sure it is installed properly. For example, you should disable audio refinement to fix the ringing issue. While connected, increase and decrease the volume to check if the audio is working properly so that you can hear a loud sound without buzzing.


This was all about making your headphone louder. We have provided you with different ways that can help you to make your headphones louder. Whether you’re a casual, avid music listener, or even a professional, you know the importance of high-quality sound – and how important it is to have headphones and the right sound settings to get it.

But daily wear and tear, app and desktop settings, and more can reduce volume and listening quality. To get your best listening experience back with high volume, you may need to make some adjustments.

We would also like to warn you that Volume Booster for Android may damage your device. One reason is that manufacturers limit how loud your device’s speakers can be. Frequent use of these volume booster apps for Android devices can blow out your speakers.

However, it should be noted that 85 decibels of sound for a maximum of eight hours a day are considered a safe limit for listening. We would be glad if any of the above methods helped you raise your headphones, so if you have other questions or ideas, feel free to comment below.


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