How To Find Lost Bluetooth Headphones That Are Turned Off

If you have bluetooth headphones but you forget where you have placed them and now you did not find them when you need them, then you must want to know anyway that can get back your headphones to you. Finding a turned-off bluetooth headset can be a headache, that’s why you should not worry about finding them because we have provided you with a simple guide.

There are some simple and logical ways that can help you to find your bluetooth headphones devices. In this article, you will learn about finding lost bluetooth devices even when they are turned off. So try reading the complete guide below.

How To Find Lost Bluetooth Headphones That Are Turned Off

7 Best Ways to Find Lost Bluetooth Headphones that are turned off

To help you find lost bluetooth headphones, we have come up with 7 ways that might be helpful during searching. Take a look at these ways and try to implement them.

  1. Inspect the place where bluetooth headset could get destroyed first
  2. Search those places where they are most likely to be
  3. Look for them where they might have fallen
  4. Calm your mind
  5. Ask people around you
  6. Organize your work and home areas
  7. Play music in loud sound

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1. Inspect the Place Where Bluetooth Headset Could Get Destroyed First

In order to find your lost bluetooth device, you will need to make a list of all those places where they might get damaged. For example, if you let them in the park while jogging or you left them in the shower they might get wet. The worst scenario is they might fall on the footwall of the car or someone tread on them.

But if you think that they are safe, then there is no need to check these places.

2. Search those Places Where they are Most Likely to be

If you use your headphones and leave them at a specific place, then you should try to search there. Some people put their headphones on their side table of the bed or on the sofa generally. If you are also one of them, then go to those places and thoroughly inspect that area.

Sometimes when we search for something, we are in a panic that’s why we could not see the required object that is actually placed in front of us. That’s why it is better to be calm when you search for your lost object.

3. Look For Them Where They Might Have Fallen

It is proved to be very useful to retrace your steps while looking for the lost object. If you have already searched those places, then it is best to repeat your search for those places again. So make the list of all those potential places and follow this step to find lost AirPods.

4. Calm Your Mind

You should clear your mind and start meditating before searching for your bluetooth headphones. A stressful situation can be toxic and sometimes can waste your time and energy. This situation becomes worse if your bluetooth device is expensive and you have paid a lot of money to buy them.

So, if you face a similar kind of situation, it is best for you to take a deep breath and clear your mind. When your mind becomes clear, you will be able to think more clearly. You just need to remember that your headphones will be found if you do not get panic.

5. Ask People Around You

It is always suggested to ask people around you before finding your bluetooth headphones. This is a possible scenario when someone has seen your bluetoooth headphones but does not realize that you might need them at that moment.

Another reason to ask people about your lost headphones is that they might have put them in other places thinking that placing your headphones in another place may keep them safe. So do not blame yourself for missing the device.

6. Organize Your Work and Home Areas

Organizing your work and home areas can be an easy solution to finding lost bluetooth headphones. After you organize everything, you can keep them in a place. As long as your search area range is neat and clean, you can easily find lost bluetooth headphones when they are turned off.

That’s why cleaning your living room should be your first priority. You should organize your stuff and keep your bluetooth headsets in the same place so that you will not have to find them if you want to use them.

7. Play Music in Loud Sound

You might be wondering how this step is related to this guide? While this way might not set to find lost bluetooth headphones that are turned off but it can be an easy way if your bluetooth device is still connected with your other devices such as an android phone or iPhone.

You just need to play loud music at full volume with your connected phone and start trying to hear the sound. You should follow the sound to see from where it is coming. In this way, you can find lost bluetooth headphones.

Why Are Bluetooth Devices So Easy to Lose?

In this modern and fast world, losing your bluetooth devices when they are off is a common problem. But why does this happens even when we are becoming 5G technology? In this fast technology era, there are major improvements in bluetooth devices over the past decades.

This led bluetooth to transmit over large distances (up to 800ft/240m unobstructed). Not only their working is improving but also their size getting smaller and smaller. As we know, there are ultra-small headphones are available in silver and black shades. This is the reason why you lost your headphones or one earbud at a time.

When things are small they are more likely to lose. You can easily miss them even when they are in your hands a moment ago. So it is better to follow the above-mentioned ways when you face this situation.

Can Bluetooth Headphones Be Tracked?

Yes, your bluetooth headphones can be tracked but in some specific situations. To do this, you should check the following conditions must be met.

  • The battery of your bluetooth device must be sufficiently charged.
  • Your bluetooth headphones or earbuds must be turned ON.
  • Your bluetooth devices must be connected to each other.
  • You should be in the area where you think your headphones are lost.
  • The headset or wireless bluetooth earbuds must not be in the case.

Top Recommended Apps that Can Track Wireless Headphones

To help you to find a lost device, certain headphones have some specific apps. To be more precise, Apple and Bose are two leading brands that have their special app excluding bluetooth scanner apps to find lost devices.

  1. Find My app
  2. Bose Connect app
  3. Bluetooth Scanner app

Find My App: This app is only for Apple devices users. It works when your bluetooth earbuds are connected to nearby bluetooth devices such as your phone. You just open the find my headset app on your iPhone and you will see the location of your wireless earbuds that are lost.

Bose Connect App: You will need to download the app from the app store. Now pair the device and set up your preferences. It will start scanning and will show you the name of your lost device name if it is nearby.

Note: This app is only useful for bose headphones users. But one thing to know is that it does not show you the whereabouts of all models. To use this, you will need to pair your headphones to your android smartphone. It will also help you keep your software up to date.

Bluetooth Scanner App: This bluetooth scanning app works only for nearby bluetooth devices that are lost. Download the app from the app store. Now scan your bluetooth and see the bluetooth device name on the list of nearby lost and connected devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you track stolen bluetooth headphones?

To track your stolen bluetooth device or find lost AirPods, you should download bluetooth scanning app from the app store. There are many apps for your iOS and Android such as Find My Headphones, Find My Headset and Bluetooth Finder.

How do I manually locate a bluetooth device?

Simply open the settings app and turned the bluetooth feature ON. Then manually search your lost bluetooth headsets name on the android based phone or tablet screen.

Is it possible for someone to connect to my bluetooth without my knowledge?

Theoretically, if the visibility of your bluetooth device is turned ON, then anyone can gain access to your bluetooth device.


These were the common ways and solutions to find lost bluetooth headphones that are turned off. If you have also forgotten and now trying to remember where you have placed your lost bluetooth headset, then you should follow the above methods.

So, what do you think about this guide? Was this article helpful while finding your wireless headphones? Share your experience of finding lost bluetooth headsets with us in the comment section.


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