How To Draw Headphones – Step By Step Guide

This article is about how to draw headphones. Headphones are audio devices that are used to listen to music or play video games. You can also use headphones when you have long conversations with your friends. This audio device (headphone) was invented in 1910 but still is used by everyone to listen to their favorite music, especially DJs pair them when they want to edit music.

Here you will learn how to draw headphones step by step. There are many drawing tutorials you will see on the internet, but none of them has provided you with long details and examples. So read this complete tutorial to learn about the drawing lesson of headphones.

How To Draw Headphones

How Can We Draw Headphones? Explained

To begin with, let me ask you why you want to draw headphones? Do you want to impress someone with your drawing skills? Has anyone asked you to draw headphones? If this is the case, then you must need to read all the details that we have given in these easy drawing tutorials.

When it comes to how to draw headphones, many people prefer to draw circumaural headphones because they are the most used headphones and they can be easily drawn. No matter how professional you are in drawing, you will enjoy these headphones drawing lessons. It may also improve your skills in drawing headphones.

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Step By Step Procedure to Draw Headphones

In this step-by-step guide on how to draw headphones, you will draw headphones that consist of simple lines. If you follow this guide, you will get quite realistic headphones drawing in the end. You can also use colored pencils to draw the outline of the headphones. You can easily draw headphones step by step by reading these steps.

Step 1: The first step for how to draw headphones is to sketch out the lines of ear cups. So make sure to use very light lines and carefully draw a curved line and parallel lines.

Step 2: Now sketch out the headband using a pair of long and curved lines.

Step 3: Draw the inside of the earpads of headphones by using clear and dark lines. Make sure ear pads look round.

Step 4: Carefully do the same when you draw the external part of the headsets with all the details.

Step 5: To make your drawing neat and clean, erase all the unnecessary lines that you have marked from the first step.

Step 6: Now draw out the headphones top carefully.

Step 7: In the last step, with the help of hatching, try to add a few shadows. This will make your headphones drawing look real.

Now you must have learned how to draw headphones. Simply use a pencil and start to draw ears. No required fields are marked

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you draw simple headphones?

You can draw simple headphones by first drawing the outliner of the headphones. Then draw the curved lines and make sure they look round. Now erase all the unnecessary lines and in the last put some shadows to give a realistic look to your drawing.

How do you draw a headband?

In order to draw a headphones headband, you will need two curved lines and shape them like a half-circle. Keep them thin enough for most of their length and permanent in width but slightly narrower towards the lower ends to make the perfect headband.


This was all about how to draw headphones step by step. I hope after reading this guide, you can draw headsets with great improvements. In order to do this, carefully draw the outline ear cups of the headphone. This is a simple tutorial for kids and beginners.

Have you followed this guide for drawing headphones after reading it? Now you will not forget how to draw headphones step by step. Share your headphones drawing experience with us in the comment section below. You will find other articles related to headphones in the toggle menu.


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