How to Connect Tzumi Bluetooth Headphones

This article is about how to connect tzumi bluetooth headphones. Tzumi bluetooth headphones offer its users great sound quality and bluetooth function. The wireless connection of these headphones is outstanding. That’s why many people want to use tzumi bluetooth devices.

If you have purchased the tzumi wireless headphones but do not know anything about pairing your device then read the complete article. You will definitely learn and understand connecting bluetooth devices with tzumi headphones.

How to Connect Tzumi Bluetooth Headphones

How to Pair Tzumi Bluetooth Headphones to Various Devices?

If you are having trouble while pairing your tzumi bluetooth headsets or you do not know how to connect tzumi bluetooth headphones then you should read the given steps. It will help you to connect your device with bluetooth headphones.

You can pair tzumi wireless headsets and connect them with the available devices such as mobile phones or computers.

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Pairing Tzumi Bluetooth Headphones with Android Device

Step 1: First of all, you will need to put your bluetooth headsets into bluetooth pairing mode by press multi function button for 6 seconds. You will find the button on the left earbud or in some models you will find it on the right earbud.

Step 2: You will have to wait till blue lights flash indicating successful pairing of the master earbud.

Step 3: Now go to the settings of your phone and press bluetooth to turn it ON.

Step 4: Now the device list displayed. If your tzumi bluetooth device appears, click on it.

In this way, your bluetooth devices can be successfully paired with the bluetooth headsets.

Pairing Tzumi Bluetooth Headphones with a Laptop

To pair your tzumi headset with a laptop, you will need to ensure bluetooth function on your laptop. After this, you will need to follow the given steps:

Step 1: Set your tzumi bluetooth headset into pairing by pressing the multifunction button for a few seconds.

Step 2: You will hear a Pairing voice message that indicates your device is now paired.

Step 3: Go to the bluetooth settings of your laptop and find Bluetooth and other devices options.

Step 4: Now find the required headphones you want to connect and click on them.

In this way, you can easily hear prompt sound while pairing the bluetooth connections window.

Pairing Tzumi Bluetooth Headphones with a Mac

You will need to understand this procedure very carefully because its steps are somehow different from the above devices. In order to pair tzumi bluetooth devices, you will need to do this.

Step 1: Turn ON your bluetooth headset and hold multi function button for almost 6 seconds to begin pairing.

Step 2: You will hear a “Power ON” voice alert and the blue lights flashing indicates that the pairing is completed.

Step 3: Now go to the system preferences of Mac and click on Bluetooth.

Step 4: Find your device name in the devices list shown in the system preferences and click on it to connect.

Step 5: Tap connections and you will sort connected with the tzumi master earbud.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pair my Tzumi bluetooth headphones?

Turn on your bluetooth headset and press the power button for a few seconds to set bluetooth pairing mode. Find your bluetooth headphones on the available devices and select them. You will be paired with them.

How do I reset my Tzumi bluetooth headphones?

To factory reset your tzumi bluetooth headphones, you will need to press the volume up and volume down buttons for 6 seconds. When you see the red-blue lights flashing, press those buttons two times. This indicates your headphones are now reset.

How do I put my bluetooth headphones in pairing mode?

Press and hold the power button of your bluetooth headset for a few seconds. When the LED lights flash, you will be indicated that your headphones are now paired.

How do I pair my Tzumi headphones to my iPhone?

Simply put your headphones into bluetooth pairing mode and go to the settings of your iPhone. From there press bluetooth and turn it ON. Search for your bluetooth headset and select them to pair. In this way, your headset can be successfully paired with other devices.


This article was about how to connect tzumi bluetooth headphones with different devices. You can easily pair your tzumi headphones by using this guide. You will need to press the multifunction button to start pairing. After you press the button you will hear the voice “Right Channel” on the right earbud and “Left Channel” on the left earbud.

So what do you think about pairing tzumi bluetooth headphones? Have you paired your headphones successfully by reading this guide? If yes then share your experience with us in the comment section.


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