How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Vizio Smart TV

If you want to enjoy watching your Vizio smart tv with bluetooth headphones to not disturb others then we have this guide for you. Do not need to worry anymore about connecting wireless headphones to Vizio tv. You can easily enjoy using your wireless headset to Vizio smart TVs with clear sound output.

This detailed guide will show you how to connect bluetooth headphones to Vizio tv. Pairing your wireless headphones to Vizio tv can be optional for you or sometimes necessary in some kind of situation. So keep reading this article and learn to pair wireless headphones to Vizio tv.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Vizio Smart TV

Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Vizio Smart TV in 2 Methods

You can easily pair wireless headphones to Vizio tv in using two ways. These steps will help you while connecting your Vizio tv bluetooth headphones. It is a common issue that sometimes connecting won’t take place while pairing wireless headphones to smart tv bluetooth.

Therefore, we have provided you here with the two easiest ways to connect wireless headphones to a Vizio tv device.

  1. Connect via built-in bluetooth
  2. Connect via Bluetooth transmitter device

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How to Know If Your TV has Bluetooth Pairing Capability?

Before we explain the methods to connect wireless headphones to Vizio smart tv bluetooth, make sure to know whether your smart TVs have bluetooth function or not. If your smart tv has bluetooth enabled, then it can make your bluetooth connection in a few moments.

Nowadays, almost all Vizio tv devices come with the bluetooth connectivity feature. To know the bluetooth connectivity function, read the user manual. If the user guide says about bluetooth, then your tv has a bluetooth option.

You can search for your tv model on the internet to know all the information about the TV model. If your TV comes with a tv remote control, then you can check the bluetooth icon on it and confirm that your Vizio smart tv has bluetooth built-in option.

Connect Via Built-in Bluetooth

If your TV is a bluetooth enabled device, then you can easily connect your bluetooth headset via the built-in bluetooth function. Read the given procedure to know how to connect wireless headphones to Vizio tv.

Turn On the Bluetooth Headphones

First of all, you will need to turn ON your bluetooth headphones. Make sure to keep your Vizio TVs and wireless devices 30 feet from each other. The reason is to keep your bluetooth devices in discoverable mode. The extended bluetooth range might cause the failure of bluetooth connection.

Now set your headphones into pairing mode. Different headphones have different settings to turn them ON or OFF. Normally it can be done by pressing and holding the power button of your headphones to set them in the pairing process. To make things clear, read the user manual of your wireless headphones.

Set the TV

After putting your wireless headphones into pairing mode, it’s time to set your TV too. Go to your TV’s settings and navigate to the bluetooth settings menu. From there turn your bluetooth ON. Find the sound output option listed on the settings menu.

By pressing this option, you will go to the list of all the speakers. You can connect your wireless device to wireless headphones.

Select the Bluetooth Headphones to Connect

Find the name of your bluetooth device in the speaker list to connect your headphones wirelessly. It is usually the brand name or model of your headphones. Click on the headphone’s name to select the pair option and wait for a few seconds.

In case you want to connect your soundbar, you will need to find its name in the speaker’s list. If you can not find the name or there are more than two devices, then search it in the option to quickly find the name.

If the headphones are connected to the TV successfully, you will hear audio feedback to indicate the successful connection of your bluetooth devices.

Adjust the Extra Settings

After successfully connecting your bluetooth headphones to Vizio tv, you can make changes to adjust the extra settings. You can turn the volume up or down with the help of a remote to hear your favorite music.

You can also set specific devices to connect to your Vizio tv or change the name of your bluetooth headphones.

Note: If your Vizio tv is still not connected to your headphones then read the user manual or contact the helpline of your wireless device.

Connect via Bluetooth Transmitter Device

There are some Vizio tv models that do not have bluetooth functionality. But that does not mean your tv can not be connected to a wireless headset. You must be shocked how? So let me tell you that even if your tv has not the technology of bluetooth, you are not out of luck.

You can connect your Vizio tv to bluetooh headphones with the help of a bluetooth audio transmitter. These bluetooth transmitters help you to make connections to provide you audio output in headphones.

Steps to Connect Bluetooth Headphones Via Transmitter

You will need to purchase the bluetooth adapter to pair your non-bluetooth device with wireless headphones. A Bluetooth transmitter is simply a device that is designed to allow digital optical audio outputs from one source to other without using bluetooth.

Step 1: First of all, switch all the devices Off including your headphones, bluetooth adapter, and Vizio tv.

Step 2: Now, turn ON your bluetooth transmitter and pair it with your Vizio tv.

Note: The adapter’s user manual will guide you on how to put your adapter in pairing mode.

Step 3: After setting your bluetooth transmitter and headphones into pairing mode, they will be connected wirelessly and you will play your TV’s audio.

In this way, you can play your tv audio on your headphones using a bluetooth transmitter. You can also connect two devices using the transmitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we connect bluetooth headphones to vizio tv?

Yes, you can easily connect your wireless headphones to vizio tv by using two ways. These are via built-in bluetooth or via the transmitter. If your tv does not have bluetooth function, then you will need to purchase the transmitter for connecting purposes.

Can we connect bluetooth headphones to the TV if it does not have bluetooth connectivity?

You can also pair your wireless headphones to the tv if it does not have wireless connectivity. It can be done by using an adapter.

Can we connect multiple headphones to vizio tv?

This can not be done if you use the built-in bluetooth function in the smart tv. However, if you use a transmitter, then it can be possible to pair two headphones to vizio tv wirelessly.

What to do if you can’t pair your TV with bluetooth headphones?

In case you can’t pair your TV with wireless headphones, you must try to read the user manual of your TV model. The reason is every tv model is not the same in terms of settings therefore, you must need to read the user manual because there you will find step-by-step procedures.


This was all about how to connect bluetooth headphones to vizio smart tv. You can pair your headphones to smart tv in using two ways. That means you can also pair your non-bluetooth tv with headphones too.

If your TV has a built-in function of bluetooth then it is so easy for you to transmit audio. But if your tv does not support bluetooth, then you can also pair your device by using a transmitter that helps you to play audio on your headset.

I’m sure that after reading this complete guide you must have understood to pair your Vizio smart tv with a headset. Let us know your thoughts about this article in the comment section.


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