How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS5

This article is about how to connect bluetooth headphones to ps5. As you know the bluetooth technology is an essential part of our life. There are many examples of bluetooth devices that we used in our daily life. PlayStation is the latest bluetooth device in terms of gaming. If you have bought ps5 then you must want to connect it with bluetooth headphones to enjoy music.

Connecting bluetooth wireless headphones to ps5 is not very difficult. You just need to read the complete article. Here we have provided you with simple steps that you can easily understand and follow to know how to connect bluetooth headphones to ps5.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS5

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones on PS5?

Yes, you can pair and use wireless headphones to the ps5 but one thing that you must need to know is that PlayStation 5 does not have a built-in wireless connection. Only a few wireless AirPods max are natively compatible with PS5.

However, there are some official or substantiate USB headset that uses the wireless USB dongle. The PlayStation PS5 doesn’t have Bluetooth built-in, but you can basically use a Bluetooth transmitter to connect any Bluetooth headset to your PS5. It will only send sound to the gaming headset, the microphone will not work for the output device.

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How to Connect Compatible Bluetooth Headphones to the PS5?

Sony PULSE 3D headphones are the official wireless audio devices from the company that comes with native support for PS5. Follow these steps to know how to connect bluetooth headphones to PS5 wirelessly without the need for outside aid:

Step 1: Turn ON your ps5 device and wireless bluetooth headphones.

Step 2: Connect the USB dongle to the one at the end of the PS5.

Step 3: Put your headphones in pairing mode by holding the power button for a few seconds.

Step 4: The LED light begins flashing will indicates that the pairing process is completed.

Step 5: Now go to the settings menu and find the sound option.

Step 6: Click on the audio output and then output devices.

Step 7: Find your device in the devices list and select it.

Step 8: After you select your device, you will hear the audio output through your device.

Note: You can follow this process if your wireless headsets have a wireless USB dongle.

How to Connect Non-Compatible Bluetooth Headphones to a PS5?

If your wireless headphones do not have bluetooth dongle, then you should not worry. You might be thinking what should you do in this case? Relax, you can connect wireless AirPods max to ps5 by following the given methods.

  1. By using a USB bluetooth adapter
  2. By connecting Bluetooth Headphones to the TV without a wireless adapter
  3. By connecting Bluetooth Headphones to a TV with an Adapter
  4. By connecting the Bluetooth Headphones with AUX to the PS5 Controller

By Using a USB Bluetooth Adapter

You can connect your bluetooth headset with ps5 by using any bluetooth adapters. Before further going, make sure that it is a bluetooth transmitter, not a bluetooth receiver. Some wireless adapters can act as a transmitter or receiver by turning the switch on the device to TX (transmit) or RX (receive). Using one of these TX-tuned adapters will work perfectly.

The PlayStation 5 hosts a total of three USB-A port and one USB-C slot. You should use one of the three USB-A ports for the Bluetooth adapters, never the USB-C port. This way, you can use the USB-C port when you need it most.

Step 1: You will need to connect bluetooth audio transmitter to one of the USB ports of the ps5.

Step 2: Now pair your wireless headset with the bluetooth transmitters by holding the power button for a few seconds.

Note: In most cases, both the bluetooth adapter and headphone will start blinking indicating that your pairing mode is ON.

Step 3: When it enters pairing mode, you will need to get them close to each other.

Note: You should repeat this process to get both bluetooth devices paired.

Step 4: Now, you will need to point the audio to the USB Bluetooth adapter by changing the audio output settings on ps5.

When you change this setting, you will begin to hear the audio output through your wireless headset.

By Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to the TV Without Bluetooth Adapter

Connecting your bluetooth headphone to smart tv is actually a better option than the ps5. This is because all audio will be sent to the connected headsets, rather than to your TV speakers or any sound system connected to your TV. It makes things so easy!

Most modern TVs have built-in Bluetooth connectivity, but not all. Regardless, you can connect any number of wireless headsets to the TV to receive audio from your PS5. So follow these steps to connect a wireless headset to tv without bluetooth transmitter.

Step 1: Turn your wireless headphone ON.

Step 2: Put your headphones into pairing mode.

Step 3: Now go to the bluetooth settings of your smart tv.

Step 4: Find the desired bluetooth headset from the list of available devices.

Step 5: Set the TV’s audio output to bluetooth.

Note: The biggest drawback of this method is that if you want to use the TV speaker or amplifier to play the sound, you have to go back to the sound output settings on the TV and change them every time.

By Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to the TV With an Adapter

If your TV doesn’t support a built-in wireless connection, then you’ll have to use a different type of Bluetooth transmitter that uses AUX (3.5mm). We suggest you use 1Mii Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter/Receiver or Aisidra V5.0 Bluetooth Adapter.

You usually can’t use a Bluetooth USB transmitter with a TV because the TV doesn’t output audio through its USB port. The USB ports on TVs are mostly used to display photos, play videos, and music, and save a small amount of power.

Step 1: You will need to turn on the bluetooth adapter that uses AUX (3.5mm).

Step 2: Set the USB adapter to TX for transmitting.

Step 3: Connect the AUX cable to the TV’s output.

Step 4: Now pair your bluetooth headset with the wireless transmitter by pressing and holding the power button of both devices at the same time.

Step 5: When the enter pairing mode, you will see the LED lights flashing to solid.

Step 6: Go to the settings button on your tv and find the sound output device.

Step 7: Set your sound output to hear the sound coming from your wireless headphone.

In this way, you can make your bluetooth connection with audio devices.

By Connecting the Bluetooth Headphones with AUX to the PS5 Controller

If you don’t have extra money to spend on Bluetooth audio adapter, and your headphones have an AUX connection, you can easily connect your headphones to the AUX port of your PS5 console.

This is the best method because you will get about 0 audio intervals because it is basically designed to work this way. However, it is not completely wireless.

You can alternatively use a Bluetooth audio transmitter with AUX and connect it to your PS5 console, but then you will have a dongle hanging from your console which is very inconvenient for gaming.

Issues While Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to PS5

You may encounter some connecting issues and errors while pairing your headphones to ps5. To not get in any kind of trouble, you should know about the errors and their fixes. That’s why we have the following guides that can be beneficial when you encounter an error.

  1. Taking a Long time while pairing Headphones
  2. Discoverable but not able to pair

1. Taking a Long time while pairing Headphones

If your ps5 takes a long time for pairing then you should restart your device. After that, you should be able to connect your ps5 with other devices.

2. Discoverable but not able to pair

This is one of the most common problems. If this happens to you, then try restarting both devices and then place them within 3 feet. If the problem is still not solved, then update the firmware of your ps5.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my bluetooth headset to my ps5?

You will need to charge your headphone with a USB cable and then plug the adapter into the console. Switch the pairing button and find your headphone in the devices list. Select your device and click on it. In this way, you can pair the right device for your ps5 that work correctly.


This was all about how to connect a bluetooth headphone to ps5. Hope you like this article because we have provided you with a step-by-step guide that can be easily understood. Now you should be able to pair headphones to the ps5 without having any problem.

Was this article helpful for connecting audio devices? Let us know your experience with connecting the wireless headset to ps5 in the comment section below.


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