How To Clean Bose Headphones?

This article is about how to clean bose headphones. Bose headphones have great popularity due to their unique design and look. They also provide us with amazing sound quality that’s why people prefer to use them over other headphones.

However, you will need to keep cleaning them in order to maintain the grace of your bose headphones. Many people do not know how to clean bose headphones and neither they make extra efforts to know about it. This is where their headphones start to malfunction.

To avoid these issues, you should clean your bose headphones from time to time. If you do not know how to clean bose headphones, then we are here to serve you with this article. Here you will learn about the cleaning process of bose headphones in complete detail.

How To Clean Bose Headphones

Why Do We Clean Bose Headphones?

Bose headphones may get dirty if you do not clean them after using them for a long time. The clogged ear wax stored in the headphones may get you an ear infection. It does not matter how much they cost, the value of your headphones will be meaningless with the ear infection.

Cleaning bose headphones will provide you with so many benefits. It will greatly help to improve the sound quality for better usage. Moreover, bose headphones last a long time when you clean them.

What Things Are Required For Cleaning Bose Headphones?

It is a very good idea to clean your headphones. Cleaning your bose headphones save your money from buying new headphones. So if you are planning to clean your bose headphone, you may need some things that will help you to clean your headset. Here is the list of all those things:

  1. A soft or a microfiber fabric
  2. Cotton/Qtips
  3. Brush
  4. Soapy Water

How Can We Clean Bose Headsets?

It is not very simple to clean your bose headset because it requires both knowledge and understanding. But why do you need to get worried when we are here to help you. However, cleaning bose headsets in wrong or improper way may damage them.

Many people only wash the outside of the headset and do not pay heed to the inside. In this way, they only do the half cleaning or maybe less than the half. You can easily clean your bose headsets by dividing the cleaning procedure into three steps.

Let’s take a look at these steps and then we will explain the steps so that you may better understand.

  1. Clean the outer parts of the ear pads
  2. Clean each part properly with a soft cloth
  3. Dry the headphones

1. Clean the Outer Parts of the Ear Pads with Soft Cloth

First of all, you will need to check the condition of your headphones. Check the dirt to know how severe it is. After knowing the level of dirt, you should start general cleaning the headset.

For this purpose, you should try using a soft cloth, q tips, or brush and gently scrub the dirt to get rid of it. Make sure to not get your cloth too wet because it may affect the internal components of your headphones.

That’s why you should use mild soapy water for proper cleaning. Do not dip the other parts in any solution.

Note: After thoroughly checking the level of dirt, you can use the dry fabric too if the dirt is not severe and can be cleaned with it. In this way, you can gently clean earbuds with a soft dry cloth

2. Clean Each Part Properly

If you are planning to clean your bose headsets, then you should pay heed attention to this point. Cleaning each part can be a little tricky and it requires ingenuity. You may need to do these things to clean each part of the headphone.

  1. Clean the ear wax on ear tips
  2. Clean silicone coatings
  3. Clean the mesh surface

1. Clean the Ear Wax on Ear Tips

To clean the ear wax from your headphones, you will need to gently remove them from the ear tips and then use warm soapy water. Make sure to not use any additional dish detergent because it may affect the ear wax quality and may lead your headphones to default.

2. Clean Silicone Coatings

Silicone coatings are the parts in headsets that are used in the ear tips to fit in our ears. You can easily remove the ear plastic parts and apply rubbing alcohol. Other than rubbing alcohol, you can also soak them in warm water and use a soft toothbrush to clean the dirt and debris.

By using the warm excess liquid, the silicone layers get to expand and it will become easier to clean them. The debris and earwax on the ear tips will be removed easily and you can simply wipe them.

3. Clean the Mesh Surface

To clean the mesh screens, you should not use water. Instead, you can use mild hydrogen peroxide but only within 3%. Clean the mesh grilles with a soft cloth dampened or try a soft brush so that the wire mesh grilles will not get affected by hydrogen peroxide.

Make sure that you use a microfiber cloth to clean the headphones. In wireless headphones, you should be more careful and use a cotton swab or damp cloth properly with a very small amount of hydrogen peroxide in ear bose headphones to clean clogged ear wax and debris from the ear tips of the earbud.

3. Dry the Headphones

Now it’s time to clean and free the in-ear headphones by using a soft dry cloth. After cleaning the ear tips and other parts properly, you should not leave them wet with soapy water. If you do so, your earbud will be get defaulted and you will have to buy a new pair of earbud.

You should dry completely when your earbuds wash with the microfiber cloth to clean headphones. Never left the mild soap in your earbuds when you rinse them. In this way, you will also get rid of the sweat smell.

Turn ON Your Headphones To Check Their Working

This is not a step to clean your headphone. However, you should check whether your headphones are working or not after cleaning them. After cleaning the ear tips of your earbuds let them dry. When they get dry, connect your earbud with any other device and play music.

Earbuds are very sensitive devices so make sure to be gentle when cleaning them otherwise the inside of the headphone may get damaged and you will not enjoy using them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my bose headsets really become dirty?

Using bose headset for a very long time may store dust, dirt, and debris inside it. These all things make your headphone dirty.

How do you clean smelly bose headphones?

To clean your bose headset, you should clean them with soap and water and then rub them gently. After doing this, let your headset dry by using a dry fabric material or air to get rid of the sweat smell.

How do you clean bose headset with muffs?

You can simply clean your headset with muffs by rubbing your headset. Make sure to be gentle otherwise there may be some internal issues occurs.

Can I use alcohol to clean my bose headset?

Dampen a piece of fabric material in alcohol and rub your headset gently.

Is the hearing aid vacuum useful for cleaning bose headsets?

Yes, it is designed to clean the headphone by removing all the dirt with the help of vacuum pumps.

Is hydrogen peroxide useful for cleaning bose headsets?

The hydrogen peroxide solution with only 3% concentration is useful for cleaning the headphone.

How to prevent my bose headset from the sweat smell?

Make sure to clean the tips of the headphone properly and let them dry. In this way, the smell of sweat will be removed and your headphone will not smell like the sweat.


This was all about cleaning bose headset. If you wear your headphone to listen to music for a long time, they may need to be clean from the sweat. You must learn to be gentle and careful while cleaning the earbuds and wipe your in-ear headphones with the cotton swab. You can also remove the ear tips of your headphone and carefully clean the ear cups.

What do you think about this whole guide? Was this article helpful to understand the cleaning procedure of bose wireless headphones? Have you tried this guide yet? If yes, then share your experience with us in the comment section.


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