How to Charge Bluetooth Headphones

This article is about how to charge bluetooth headphones. As you know many people now prefer using bluetooth headphones over wired headphones. Bluetooth headphones come in handy when you are driving a car or want to dance without the disturbance of wires surrounding you.

Sometimes bluetooth headphones may put you in some kind of complicated situation like you are in danger and you want to call your friend but your non-wired headphones are out of charge and you do not know how to charge bluetooth headphones in an emergency, then this guide is for you.

How to Charge Bluetooth Headphones

How to Use USB Cables to Charge Bluetooth Headphones?

If you want to charge your non-wired headphones, you must use the original charger. These chargers come with the original box of headphones. You will need to install all the plugs and charge non-wired headphones according to the user guide of your product.

When you charge your bluetooth earbuds or headphones, a red light will flash. It will start flashing till the charging is completed. In many bluetooth earbuds and headphones, the red light will be turned off when the headphones are fully charged.

Note: In some bluetooth earphones, the light will start flashing after a minute when you plug it into charging.

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How to Charge Your Headphones With No Charger?

As you can see, it is easy to charge bluetooth audio devices when using a dedicated charger. But what do to if you do not have a dedicated charger? That’s not something to worry about. You can use a power bank, laptop, or pc to charge your wireless headphone. You will need the USB cable when making the connection between the mentioned devices.

How to Charge Bluetooth Headphones Via USB Cable in Different Devices?

You can use the USB cable to charge your non-wired headphones to any device that has a universal serial bus (USB port). TV, gaming consoles, laptops, and speakers are examples of these devices.

You can charge your headphones using a charging cable of your mobile phone charger. If your mobile charger has the same type as the headphones, then it can be easily charged by plugging the charging cable into the charging interface.

Charge with mobile

If your headphones support USB type c, then you will need an OTG cable with a USB 3.0 male connector on one side and USB type c on the other end. You will need to put one end of your charger into your phone and the other end into the headphones.

If you use a mobile phone to charge your headset, your mobile battery will be drained. So, it’s better to use a power bank.

Note: If your smartphone does not support OTG features, then you can not use this method.

Charging With Laptop or PC

If you want to charge your device with a laptop or pc, you will not need any special cable or OTG. You can use your mobile charger to start charging your headphone. All you need to do is to put one end of the charger on your pc and the second end on the headphones. Your battery of headphones will be charged in this way.

Using this means of charging will not affect your earbuds or headphones. The earphones have a way to prevent the overflow and voltage of electricity so that your headphones may not get damaged. That’s why you must have noticed that you can fully charge your bluetooth gadget without getting affected.

How Long Does it take for Bluetooth Headphones to Charge?

Everyone wants their headphone to be super fast-charged. Now almost every brand comes up with this technology. The average time of charging these bluetooth gadgets is about 2 to 3 hours. This duration is not specific.

For example, if you are using a high-quality model, then your time of charging the battery can be almost 1.5 to 2 hours. After this time, your batteries of the audio bluetooth gadget will be fully charged.

Some of the Common Charging Issues in Bluetooth Headphones

There are sometimes when your earphones stop charging. One of the main reasons is the faulty cable. Below we have described some common issues for your better understanding that can cause the charging issues in your batteries.

  1. Incompatible Cable
  2. Faulty Battery
  3. Faulty Charging Port
  4. Extreme Temperatures

Incompatible Cable

Make sure that your cable is compatible with the case of the earbuds. If it is incompatible, then unplug it and try using the correct power cable and connect it with the power option.

Faulty Battery

If you are using the correct cables and it still not charging, then there must be an issue with your battery. Your battery might get damaged. There are many reasons that cause the battery’s damage. Sometimes, when you do not use your headsets for a long time they might get faulty.

Faulty Charging Port

If the port of your headsets is faulty, your earbuds will not get charged. It is because the headsets failed to make the connection that prevents them from charging.

Extreme Temperature

An extreme rise in temperature also affects the mechanical components of your bluetooth devices. That’s why it is recommended to not charge your bluetooth device with a power cable in warm and very cold weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I charge my headphones?

You will need to put the one end of your power cable to the earphone end and the second one to the charging case to charge your earphones.

Can I use my phone charger to charge my bluetooth headset?

Yes, you can use your mobile cable to charge your headphones. These cables come with the USB standard and are enough for your charging need.

How can I charge my bluetooth headphones without a charger?

You can use the OTG cable instead to charge your wireless headphones. The OTG features are now in almost every model of mobile.

How do I know my bluetooth headphones are charging?

When you connect your cable to the port, you will see a red or blue light flashing. When you see light, you can be sure that your earphones are now being charged.


This was all about how to charge bluetooth headphones. You can use the dedicated chargers to fully charged your battery. The technology is now so much improved that you can connect your bluetooth device using any device that supports OTG features whether it is pc or mobile.

If you have lost the dedicated charger that comes with the box of your bluetooth headphone, you can easily connect the USB charger of the phone with the USB port of pc or laptop. This connection will not affect the charging time of your battery and it requires the same time as the dedicated charger.

What do you think about this evolution of technology? Let us know your thoughts about the battery life of your head-phone in the comment section below. Visit this website to know the best headphones information.


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