How To Charge Beats Headphones – (Ultimate Guide)

This article is about charging your beats headphones. Have you ever been out in a hurry and realized that your beats headphones are not charged? We have an idea of how annoying this situation can be.

But now you do not need to worry because in this article we will guide you on how long before you should charge your headphones before leaving the home. Here you will learn how to charge your headphones properly. So keep reading the guide till the end.

How To Charge Beats Headphones

Steps to Charge Beats Headphones

In order to charge beats flex headphones, you will have to follow these steps:

Step 1: You will need a USB C cable that comes with your headphones.

Step 2: Plug the USB C cable with your headphones and the power source.

Step 3: Now wait for more than an hour.

Step 4: You should wait till the white LED indicator light flash.

How to Charge Your Beats Headphones Without Charger?

You have various ways to charge your headphones without using the charger. In case your headsets’ battery life is dead and you want to charge them but do not have the adapter, you can use any power source with the USB C cable. Here we have described several ways to charge beats flex earbuds.

  1. Charge With Android Device
  2. Charge With Computer
  3. Charge With Mac
  4. Charge With Power Bank

1. Charge With Android Device

You can charge beats flex headphones by using the ON THE GO cable (OTG). Now if you have the mentioned object and phone, you will need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Take a fully charged phone device and an OTG cable.

Step 2: Now connect the headphones with the OTG cable.

Step 3: Plug the second end of the cable with the device you want to charge with.

Step 4: In this regard, you will need to use an OTG cable.

2. Charge With Computer

If you are running with low charging and want to charge beats flex headsets, then you can easily connect it with your computer device.

Step 1: Connect the USB C port of your headphones with your cable.

Step 2: Plug the second end of the USB c wire with the computer.

Step 3: You will see the red lights which indicate the charging.

Step 4: When the charging is completed, you will find white lights in the fuel gauge.

3. Charge With Mac

Step 1: Charging headphones with an iOS device such as a mac is not a difficult task. You will need to have a USB c wire.

Step 2: Now connect the one end of the USB c wire to the headphones

Step 3: Then connect the second end of the cable with the mac.

Step 4: It will begin to charge your device.

Step 5: You will have to wait till the charging is completed.

4. Charge With Power Bank

Step 1: You will need to plug the charging cable into the USB c port of the earphone.

Step 2: Now connect the other end of the cable with your power bank.

Step 3: After taking 2 hours, your device will be charged.

Step 4: You can confirm the full charging by seeing the white flash in the fuel gauge.

How to Charge Beats Flex Headphones? (Easy Steps)

Beats Flex headphones are different from more expensive apple earbuds such as AirPods pro. The first one uses the old W1 chip while the second one uses the newer H1 wireless chip. Apple product also enables Hands-free Siri.

In addition, the more expensive H1 chip than the W1’s bluetooth 4.2 supports bluetooth 5. In simple words, the battery life of the H1 is slightly longer than the W1. That’s why you will need to full charge your beats wireless headphones to listen to apple music.

Step 1: You will need to have a USB C cable to charge your earphone.

Step 2: Now connect the one end of the USB c connector with the USB c port of the headphones.

Step 3: Then plug the second end of the USB c wire into the power source and turn the power button ON.

Step 4: Your beats products will be charged quickly.

Note: A 10-minute of charge will provide you with a listening time of an hour and a half for music.

How Do I Know If My Beats Flex Headphones Needs To Charge?

If you are not sure whether your beats studio wireless headphones are charging or not, then you should look at your headphones. There you will find a light depending on the battery level of your audio playback device.

You can see the light and tell at which stage your battery life is:

  • If you see white light, then you have more than one hour left off your battery life
  • If you find red light, then there is less time (less than one hour) on your battery.
  • If you see blinking red led lights, then your battery is almost dead. You must need to charge them for use.

What is the Fastest Way To Charge Beats Headphones

The only fastest way to charge beats flex headphones is to use the original adaptor. This USB c connector cable comes with headphones that’s why you can say that it is the official adaptor. You will need to connect the charger with the AC adaptor and turn the power button ON of the power source to charge bluetooth headphones.

How Do I Check If My Headphones Are Not Charging?

If you need to charge beats studio buds or beats earbuds but your device is not charging and you are having trouble charging, then make sure that you are using the correct cable. If yes, then check whether your USB C connector cable is in good condition or not?

Sometimes, there may be a cut in the internal wiring of the USB C connector which causes the blockage of electricity. That’s why the electricity does not pass and hence your device does not charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I charge my Beats with an adaptor?

Yes, you can charge BlueTooth beats flex headsets with an adaptor that is used to charge Apple devices. That adaptor must be USB type C.

Can I charge my wireless Beats with an iPhone adaptor?

No, you can not use an iPhone adaptor to charge your wireless beats flex headphones. iPhone chargers have a light cable while to charge beats flex, you will need a USB type c cable.

What type of charger do Beats use?

Beats flex uses the USB c type adaptor. If you have this type of cable, then you can easily fully charge your headphones.

How long to charge beats flex headphones?

Beats flex headphones will take 2 hours to charge them completely. After charging your bluetooth headphones for about 2 hours, you can use them.


This was all about charging your beats headphones. After reading this complete guide, you must have learned to properly charge beats flex headphones. You will see the led lights flashing when the battery life is almost dead which indicates that your listening period is over and now you will need to fast fuel your headsets.

So, what do you think of charging beats flex headphones? Was this article helpful while connecting your beats flex headphones devices with the charging port? Let us share your reviews with us in the comment section.


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